Posted on: Jun 10 2017

25 Private School Rich Kids That Had The Most Ridiculous Meltdowns



When I think private school kid, I automatically think of Ja’mie (Private School Girl) or Blair Waldorf. Now, what do those two ladies have in common, besides their brown locks? They’re both rich b*tches.

Now, surely, not all private school kids are complete a** holes. I have friends that went to private or boarding schools, and they turned out just fine. But when people think private school, they assume rich brat. And could you really blame us? That’s how they’re portrayed in the media, and it’s insanely comical.

But sometimes I feel a little guilty assuming most rich people suck. Gotta give them the benefit of the doubt, right? LOL no. Because then you read stories about entitled rich private school brats that throw the most INSANE meltdowns for the dumbest reasons, like the following 25 people.

These kids threw ridiculous meltdowns for the absolute worst reasons. Like, they didn’t have enough money to buy a Gucci purse, or they got the wrong fancy car for a birthday present. Seriously, you people are the WORST. I’ll take that Jetta you don’t want mofo.. give it here Malfoy!

These 25 private school brats had the most ridiculous meltdowns: