Skinny People Have to Deal With These 21 Annoying Every Day Struggles

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Society today praises models that are tall and skinny and they’re plastered all over magazines on newsstands and parade around during New York Fashion Week. Skinny people tiptoe the line of either being praised for supposedly being in shape to being way too underweight. There doesn’t seem to be an in between when it comes to this problem, it’s a polarizing subject. You’re either this or that.

The praises that come along with being skinny also come with plenty of hardships. People are always questioning whether or not you’ve eaten at all, if you even have an appetite, or if you have some sort of eating disorder. Maybe you’re just born that way and as much as you eat, your metabolism outruns everyone else’s but they don’t know or understand that.

It’s just as easy to say that one should always out themselves in someone else’s shoes but most people don’t. Most people like to judge from afar, which isn’t cool at all. Skinny people have feelings and though you think they can’t handle it, they can handle a lot. Until someone calls you names based on your looks and weight, one shouldn’t judge that skinny girl in the corner versus the bigger girl that’s right next to her.

These 21 people have to deal with these every day struggles:


That we get body issues and self esteem issues too. That calling us a stick or telling us to eat a sandwich or posting a million ‘Real women have curves, meat is for men bones are for dogs’ statuses on your facebook f*cking hurts. That shitting all over skinny chicks isn’t actually feminism and it isn’t actually progress and you aren’t actually tearing down society’s tyrannical expectations for women’s bodies, you’re actually perpetuating them.


Basically the disgusted way people say, “You’re so skinny/get some meat on those bones” when I express any desire to work out or eat healthy. They either get worried about whether I have an eating disorder or laugh and say “you’re so skinny already, you’ll disappear. You don’t need to!” Being skinny is not the same as being healthy. Exercise is not just for losing weight


Not feeling hungry at all throughout the entire day but eating anyway because if you don’t it can be bad for your health…


I remember being called anorexic all the time by kids at school who didn’t really know what the word meant. I think we should start teaching kids to be good, instead of just telling them not to do bad stuff.


Stop quoting a bunch of f*cking Marilyn Monroe shit to me. She wasn’t a size 16, she was a size 8, and she was a tragic mess to boot, stop idolizing her.


Yes, I do eat, probably more than you.


I’m everyone’s enemy because I’ve got the hourglass and the DDDs. I’m 20 lbs underweight and I’m trying to get back to where I don’t look like a skeleton with boobs. I hate the f*cking comments that range from “you’re so lucky” to “you look like death.” No one wants to be freezing all the time with every bone standing out. It takes forever to heal and I broke 2 bones in a fall a few months back.


No, I don’t blow away when the wind picks up past 40mph.


Unpadded seats are torture. Imagine sitting on your elbows for a few hours.


Going to a fast food restaurant and ordering a good amount of food only to be asked by the cashier if I’m sure I can eat all of that. B*tch I’m buying it aren’t I?


I’m a tallish skinny guy who for some reason has broad shoulders. Finding shirts that don’t fit like tents or that rise up to my bellybutton tends to be a struggle. Also, finding pants that fit my waist that are long enough to fit my ankles. It’s pretty awkward when you ask the store clerk if they carry a smaller waist size and they say no.


I remember my nickname in grade school “stick boy”. I used to see myself as a hideous figure in the mirror.


Just because im skinny doesnt make me weak.


I can’t wear watches without looking ridiculous. The struggle is real.


I am not extremely skinny, but I am thin enough I suppose. But I have major IBS, and have diarrhea usually more than once a week. I don’t know how many of my friends have told me “you’re so lucky because you can just eat and then you won’t gain weight!!!” No, I am not lucky, you try having diarrhea all the time. At work, at school, during exams, during the night, during bus rides, long trips, or any time that you know… isn’t convenient to be sh*tting your guts out for a couple hours?


One of my roommates is a lawyer, and very thin and small boned. She has difficulty buying age-appropriate clothes, both professional outfits for work and fun clothes. Most of the stuff that fits her best comes from the kid’s section.


Being as thin as I was with size 12 feet, every shoe I got looked like clown shoes. Chucks especially. I wore baggy jeans all year round (even when the temperature hit 100+) because of how awful I looked in shorts.


I used to wear up to 3 pairs of basketball shorts under my pants (even shorts) to make it seem as though I had big legs.. even in 90°+ weather


Visits to my grandmothers’ houses. You can ‘feel’ their eyes on you at dinner time..


Having my 12yr old daughter borrow all my clothes because they fit her just as well. Frustrating!


When girls won’t f*ck me because they think I have AIDS.

Written by Irvi Torremoro

Irvi Torremoro is an Austinite by way of Las Vegas. She's worked in various outlets in food & beverage and is now focused on writing, eating all the things, talking about Beyonce, and petting all the puppies. She runs, a lifestyle blog about people in the service industry.