Posted on: Oct 08 2017

The Stories Behind 13 Rare and Unseen Images of Bob Marley




“He loved table tennis. Football was his number one, but he also loved playing table tennis. He always used to say to people, ‘My photographer photograph that, Dennis Morris! And you couldn’t beat him! He was swift. The only thing I never played him in was football. The way he and those guys played, my god, it was very physical.”


“Here he is on a shopping spree. Whenever he had time off, what’d he always do was go to a sports shop and buy 20 footballs, 20 pairs of boots and whatever. I didn’t realize, but it was for the kids in Trench Town, back home. He was a very generous man.”


“Of all the images I took of him, when people look at the photographs, they get this feeling of being there with him. Because when I took photos of him, we had this feeling of closeness – none of the images were poses. Like these images, we were just talking, jiving, smoking, then he just jumped up and said, ‘Let me show you how to be free, Dennis.'”

“That’s what he was saying to me – ‘Freedom.’ The thing about it with him was, I couldn’t turn around and say, ‘Aw shit, Bob, I missed it, can we do it again?’ He would’ve just said, ‘Get outta here, man.'”