Posted on: Aug 14 2015

The Stuff People Google is Actually Ridiculous


Head Writer



We’ve all been down the Google rabbit hole. One minute, you’re innocently typing in a totally normal search, the next, you’re clicking through the drop down menu: Can a human get a dog pregnant? Are babies double-jointed? (For the sake of clarity: no and no.) We’re not sure if these auto-searches are the result of actual popular searches, or a funky tech malfunction on Google’s end, but one thing’s for sure—they make for a great laugh.

So, next time you get sucked into the Google vortex, remember: You’re not alone.

Check out these 16 crazy searches that come up with Google’s fantastic autocomplete function:


1. Oh the irony.



2. Maybe forbidden attraction is a bigger problem than we thought.



3. Something tells us this is another ‘easter egg’, but it could be wishful thinking.