Posted on: Mar 20 2017

These 21 People Confess The Most Outrageous Dreams They’ve Ever Had



There is nothing quite as bizarre as waking up from a super weird dream that you can’t explain. You sit for a moment, going over it again, and all you can come up with is “wtf?”

One of the best parts about having hella weird dreams is telling your friends. Then someone pulls the classic “that reminds me of my dream..” and interrupts you. Although you are annoyed AF, you get your chance to tell your dream and everyone is like wooahhh your mind is messed up.

But in all honestly, no one finds your dreams as weird and funny as you do. Because it’s YOUR dream, so it’s personal. And since you’re the one that actually experienced it, few people can relate or truly imagine how crazy it was.

Well these 21 people had such weird or crazy dreams, that just about anyone would find them amusing. And who knows, maybe halfway through one of their dreams, you’ll think about a dream you once had and forget all about these random mofos.

These 21 people confessed the most outrageous dreams they ever had: