Posted on: Feb 08 2017

These 23 Grandmas Know How To Get Lit AF


Gone are the days of lil ole grandma quietly reading in her favorite rocking chair while knitting sweaters for her favorite grandchildren. These days, grandma is getting crunk AF and out-partying her family with shots, strippers, and a lifetime of raucous knowledge. Who says an 85 year old woman has to relegate her golden years to mall walks and watching the Wheel of Fortune? Hell — she turned that TV show into a drinking game two decades ago!

Oh, you wanted $5 in your Christmas card? How about Grandma telling you that you should shove that $5 up your a** and try to make some real cash by becoming a stripper. Hey — Grandma only wants what’s best for you.

These 23 grandmas definitely don’t let their age get in the way of their outrageous partying:

I mean, they’ve had decades upon decades to practice, so why stop now?