Posted on: Aug 11 2017

These 25 Couples Cannot Tell Their Kids How They Actually Met



We had been friends for 7 years, never talked about dating. We go to a bar one day, have a few, and I send my brother a selfie saying “hey, remember her?” He responded with “bang her.” I try to hide the text but she says “no no what does it say?” I show her the text and she shrugs “why not?” That woman is my wife now.


My now husband was intended to be my first and only one night stand. Ha!


My fiancee and I met working for a large manufacturer of sex toys. I was running the email marketing and she was hired as a copy writer. I guess at the time it was sfw but talking about it anywhere else seems to be nsfw.


4chan. I didn’t set out to meet a SO or even really a hookup but it happened and we have been together for 2+ years.


Bought my first house. I figured I would be single forever. Decided to throw my own house warming party. Friend of a friend invited a good looking lady and introduced us. Fast forward to a few too many drinks, a few flirts, some conversation, and I got lucky. Started with a BJ in the bathroom then to the bedroom to finish. Partied for awhile and I suggested she better just spend the night. Been happily married for 12 years and have two kids.