Posted on: Jan 18 2017

These 25 Drunks Should’ve Gotten Cut Off A Long Time Ago



Sometimes we get a little out of hand when we drink. We puke our brains out, f*ck gross losers, spend dough we don’t have and say sh*t we really NEVER should have said. It happens, but we survive.

Yeah, sure, sometimes your drunken escapades are HILARIOUS and result in the best stories ever that you will tell for the rest of your life. Like, that time you flashed the bartender for a free shot or that time you challenged a b*tch to a dance off to settle an argument. Alcohol helped ya out and you ruled the bar for a couple minutes.

But have you ever been that obnoxious person at the bar that asks the bartender to pour booze in your purse? Have you ever bit or pulled a bartender’s hair? Has a bartender ever had to use force to kick you out, or even punched you in the face?

If these things have happened to you, you might need to reevaluate your life. Seriously though, if you’ve harmed the angelic person that was just doing their job and providing you with booze, you are scum and I hope you develop an alcohol allergy.

These 25 people were drunk AF and their bartenders weren’t having it: