These 25 People Endured Some Of The Most Excruciating Body Piercings

Nipple piercings? Check. Belly button ring? Check. Prince Albert? Ouch, but check. Clit piercings? Hey, it’s your vagina’s funeral. Sometimes, people take it a step further than a simple pierced ear and want to up their permanent body jewelry in some awesome and freaky ways.

Maybe they surprised a sexual partner with their genital bling, or maybe they just wanted a bit of metal to rub against the inside of their bras on a Tuesday. Either way, you have to be able to endure a certain amount of pain if you want the edgier hardware look.

There’s no denying that piercings can be sexy AF, but sometimes they come at a cost. Don’t be the girl who gets caught on their man’s d*ck piercing while giving him a blowy — that would be one awkward ER visit.

These 25 people got freaky with the body piercings and had no regrets:

Well, mostly.