Posted on: Apr 03 2017

These 25 Workers Discovered The Creepiest Things At People’s Homes



We’ve all seen some disgusting and weird sh*t in our lives. It just comes with walking on planet earth amongst some nasty AF people.

But few people are as gross in public as they are at home. We let loose at our homes, and some of us let our filth accumulate and don’t give AF.

So imagine if your job is to go to peoples homes. You’re delivering pizza or going to repair something. That encounter is usually pretty normal, but once in a while you must stumble upon some nightmare inducing sh*t.

Like, imagine walking in to see a dead person, a woman caressing a porcelain doll, or someone watching porn or masturbating as if you’re not even there?

So if you work in a profession that forces you into peoples homes.. we feel for you. Especially if you’ve come across anything half as creepy and gross as the following 25 people.

These 25 workers discovered the creepiest & most disgusting things in people’s homes: