Posted on: Feb 24 2017

These 29 Nasty People Went To The Bathroom In Public



When you gotta go.. you gotta go. But since we are potty-trained civilized human beings, going to the bathroom usually involves a toilet. Well, at least it should.

Sure, you’re going to pee out in nature if you’re camping, hiking, or in the ocean with no bathroom in sight. But if you decide to pee on the side of the street instead of walking to a bathroom a foot away, then you’re pretty gross. Yeah, sometimes you’re drunk and your judgement is impaired, but then don’t be surprised when you get a public urination ticket, ’cause you kind of deserve it.

So, please, no matter how drunk you are or how funny you think it is, FIND A DAMN BATHROOM. ‘Cause that sh*t is nasty. No one wants to walk through a puddle of your urine or step in a pile of human crap.

These 29 nasty people went to the bathroom in public and gave no f*cks: