Posted on: Apr 10 2017

These 33 People’s Private Parts Tasted Extra Flavorful



Going down on a person is like flipping a coin. Head, it tastes delicious or at least bearable. Tails, that sh*t is NASTY AF. It’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what kind of sploodge you’re gonna get.

But when it comes to the good, the most you can usually hope for is it to be flavorless or odorless. You don’t usually expect to draw comparisons to oreos, funfetti, or coffee. And when it comes to bad, you usually know it’s something along the lines of onions, fish, or just the nastiest thing you can imagine.

We all know diets come into play. You eating a lot of fruit? Are you a vegan? Sure, maybe you’re not going to change your eating habits for someone that isn’t really important to you, but if you want to keep your boo around, and you’ve got some nasty tasting junk, then you might want to fix that before they run for the door.

So if you’re curious about the various random AF things cum and vagina juice have been compared to, look no further. These people either went down and got a pleasant surprise, or they bolted and definitely didn’t go back for a second helping.

These 33 went down on someone and got a mouth full of flavor: