Posted on: May 20 2017

These Are 25 Of The Most Classic Rookie Mistakes People Make


We all have that one friend, that one coworker, that one *idiot* who keeps making the same rookie mistake over and over. Like, dude — you never take more mushrooms just because you don’t feel it kicking in yet. You can always take more drugs later, but you can’t take less! RIP my mind that night in Telluride the summer of 2013.

Of course, making these mistakes are par for the course for anyone who’s not seasoned in their area of expertise. Whether it’s dating, your IT job, eating at a buffet, or knowing the best times of day to take a college course — practice makes perfect. And until then, you are fair game to be made fun of by everyone when you wash your spoon face up in the sink. That waterfall’s on you, bro.

So let these examples be a lesson to you all. Keep your guard up, don’t slow down when you’re merging onto a highway, and for f*ck’s sake — always check to see if there’s toilet paper in the bathroom before you sit down to do your business.

Don’t be a fool and take note of these 25 classic rookie mistakes: