Posted on: Jun 11 2017

Women Changed These 27 Innocent Behaviors For Fear Of Leading Men On


Shouts out to all my ladies in the world who’ve had to change their actions and behaviors for fear that a man will think they’re leading them on. I mean, can I not just ask a male coworker how it’s going in a friendly manner without him thinking that it’s an invitation to bang like rabid teenagers? Apparently not.

Women have to deal with some pretty sh*tty sh*t on a regular basis. There’s the whole governmental taking over of our reproductive rights, the fact that we have to push watermelon-sized balls of flesh out our vaginas, and we have to deal with society’s expectation of women to be pleasing, nurturing, and polite — ALL THE TIME.

It’s a catch-22, though. If we ARE pleasing, nurturing, and polite, we’re scolded for leading men on when we inevitably decline their advances if we’re not interested. However, if we’re straight up, cold, and unwelcoming to conversations and flirtations, we’re accused of being frigid b*tches. Like, no bro, just because I made eye contact with you once on the train does not mean that I want you to follow me for seven blocks to my apartment and then get called a stupid c*nt when I tell you to leave me alone. #sorrynotsorry

These are 27 innocent behaviors women have changed because they were afraid of leading men on: