Posted on: Oct 18 2016

36 Crazy-Talented Tattoo Artists Who Will Make You Want To Get Inked


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Once reserved for sailors and motorcycle gangs, tattoos are now just as common among hipsters, graphic designers, and yoga instructors.

…Not to mention soccer moms, sorority sisters, and urban professionals.

These days, tattooing isn’t nearly as taboo as it used to be, and America has got the ink to prove it.

From tribal patterns to vintage pinup girls, and even the occasional office supply (or, god forbid, lawnmower) we’ve seen it all. Honestly, it was starting to feel like there wasn’t a single design left under the sun that hadn’t been inked on someone’s body.

But then we discovered these amazingly talented tattooists. And they made us realize that, not only is there a ton of innovative and all-around gorgeous work already going on in the tattoo scene, the best is yet to come.

So stop thinking of your body as a temple – after seeing what these rising stars can do, you’ll want to turn it into an art gallery instead.

Here are 36 tattoo artists every art lover should know.

1. Roxx @roxx_____

Black cover ups. Left healed, right one fresh and swollen.

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And everything together…so grateful for amazing clients #tattoosbyroxx

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2. Lisa Orth @LisaOrth

Nautical scene for Krista, who came from San Francisco to get tattooed.

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3. Jaya Suartika @jayaism

Nefertiti for my cousin @ninahadinata done @xolavant

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Hans' knee ditch got a nice introduction to the needle. @xolavant @xodeshabitudes

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