11 Drinking Games That Are Better Than Beer Pong

2. Chandelier

This one is a classic. Think beer pong, but for those living in small spaces. To play, you’ll need solo cups and some ping-pong balls.

Players sit around a table with cups of beer. The players’ cups are placed in a ring around another cup of beer – or sometimes a heavily mixed drink – at the center of the table.

Players attempt to bounce the balls into each other’s cups. If they are successful, that person has to drink their beer. If the ball lands in the center cup, everyone has to drink, and the person who threw the ball has to drink the middle cup as well. When a player misses, whoever catches the ball (or whoever comes first in flip cup) gets to go next.


3. Avalanche

Image via Reaction Gifs
Image via Reaction Gifs

To play Avalanche, you’ll need a die and one glass. Each player sits around a table with their glass or cup of alcohol. To play a turn, a player begins by filling the “game glass” with either a small or large amount of their drink. They then roll the die. They do the following depending on what number they receive:

1: The player does nothing; they pass the glass and the die to the next player

2: The player adds more alcohol to the game glass and passes it to the next player, along with the die

3: The player must drink the contents of the game glass

4: The player yells “floor!” Everyone must either point downward or drop to the ground. Whoever does this last or fails to do it must drink the contents of their glass

5: The player can make anyone of their choosing drink the glass

6: Same rules as when a player rolls a 1. However, many groups choose to substitute an original rule of their choosing for a six play

Written by Mary McCaw

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