15 Cashiers Share Worst Customer Experiences

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Everyone should work customer service once in their lives for two reasons: 1. To see humanity at its worst and 2. Learn how to deal with humanity at its worst. Kudos to any of those that work and have worked in customer service because it can really test your patience and make you go partly insane (believe me, I know, I’ve been there).

Do you ever wonder what’s going through your cashier’s head while they’re ringing you up? Do you think, “I should stop talking/texting on my cell phone because that’s rude”? Or think to ask them how their day is going? Or even think to look up and make eye contact with them? Because it’s kind of sh*tty if you treat them like they’re a robot when you can just easily go to the self check-out aisle if you didn’t feel like dealing with a real human being.

That’s the kind of sh*t that cashiers have had to deal with while checking out customers, all while they’ve plastered on a smile on their face. Some times, customers can be insanely hard to handle, thus making the work day just a little bit harder to get through.

These 15 cashiers share their worst customer experiences:


One of our on-again, off-again employees came in one night drunk and dusted and claiming we owed him 30 dollars back pay. I was on the register and the boss was trying to tell him that he had already gotten paid. The guy had a six pack of Corona in his hand and he suddenly jumped up on the counter (PCP is a hell of a drug) and proceeded to grab the bottles and start throwing them towards the end of the deli and behind the counter. There was broken glass flying and a drunk dusted guy directly in front of me on top the counter screaming and throwing bottles.


holds 100 dollar bill up to light “i just printed it myself” die inside. Every single time.


People with 400 coupons for the same damn item. Most of those coupons usually had a maximum limit for how many they can use at one time. This one lady was trying to buy like 30 toothbrushes because she had coupons. She didn’t like the fact that the damn coupon said “limit 3 per customer.”


Working back to school season at Staples. Never again.

Written by Irvi Torremoro

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