15 Easy Halloween Costumes That Aren’t Boring Or Basic

October is finally here! Time to prepare for the most ratchet night of the year.

Heck, that rhymed.

But really, Halloween’s coming soon, and you know your Facebook feed is about to blow TF up with events.

If you’re like us, this holiday requires some serious planning and multiple costume changes (which can get really expensive), so we’ve done all that outfit planning research for you.

Keep it cost-effective (and creative) this year, with these 15 easy get-ups:

1. You could be the best thing on Earth.


Adult Bubble Wrap Suit: Spencer’s for $19.99

2. Okay, sure. Everyone will be doing this costume. BUT Harley Quinn is everything.


Harley Quinn Bomber Jacket: Spencer’s for 49.99

3. Does anyone remember Pierre Escargot from All That?


Good Clean Fun Costume: Spencer’s for $49.99

Written by Jane Hervey

managing editor at TFLN