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  • 23 Couples Confess To The Weird Things They Say (…Or Do) To Each Other

    How do you know when you’ve really found your one true love? Is it the way they stare into your eyes? Is it that rush you feel when you see them unexpectedly? Is it how and when they say “I love you?” Or is it the way they feed you cheese when you’re drunk AF after a night […] More

  • These 27 WTF Halloween Stories Will Make You Want To Trick-Or-Treat This Year

    Halloween—that one night of the year we all get to revisit our childhood, play dress-up and get a little with friends. Except this time around there’s alcohol… and poor decisions and drunk texts to the ghosts of terrifying exes’ past. (Adulting’s not THAT bad, y’all.) In case you need a little Hallow’s Eve-spiration or an […] More

  • 27 Petty Revenge Texts Your Crazy Ex Can Relate To

    We’ve all regretted a text once or twice (okay, a million times), and it’s safe to assume everyone can get a tad bit extra when it comes to relationships. Because truthfully, if it’s Friday night and pinot grigio’s on the table, we’re all just a little insane. And if there’s anything we’ve learned from hipster Instagram bios, there’s […] More

  • These 26 Confessions Will Show You What Threesomes Are Actually Like (Awkward)

    Threesomes. They’re awkward, messy, require two or more people (hello, lots of communication), and sometimes—just sometimes—they’re sexy. But most of the time, they’re just way too… real. So, we’ve pulled together 26 texts that accurately summarize your everyday threesome (well… sorta). Enjoy: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. More

  • 15 Easy Halloween Costumes That Aren’t Boring Or Basic

    October is finally here! Time to prepare for the most ratchet night of the year. Heck, that rhymed. But really, Halloween’s coming soon, and you know your Facebook feed is about to blow TF up with events. If you’re like us, this holiday requires some serious planning and multiple costume changes (which can get really expensive), so we’ve […] More

  • 16 Shirts Your Grandma Will Never Understand

    Visiting family can be tough. From political conversations at the dinner table to misunderstood jokes in the car, it can get heated (or hilarious) quickly. Especially if you’ve got offensive grandparents with zero time for your sense of humor, the things you’re into and the “gah-dang millennial Internet mumbo-jumbo” you love. Cheers to family and […] More

  • 16 Low-Cost Ways to Step Up Your Dorm Room Decor

    Turning a house into a home requires a lot of effort… and the occasional disco ball. Whether you’ve moved into a dorm room, have six roommates or just bought a house, it’s safe to say you’ll have friends over. And if you’re throwing a kickback, you’ll want to invest in a good vibe. So, it’s time to […] More

  • 12 Reasons Jennifer Lawrence Would Be the World’s Best Drinking Buddy

    Sure, Jennifer Lawrence is a successful, talented, and impossibly beautiful A-list actress. But she’s also pretty famous for her exploits off screen – drunken or otherwise. Whether she’s accepting yet another award, or promoting her next film on the talk show circuit, every word out of her mouth makes us fantasize about belonging to her fun-loving inner circle. I mean, […] More

  • These 29 People Reveal Their Most Awkward One-Night Stands

    Bumpin’ uglies with strangers? We’ve all been there (well… most of us), and sometimes it’s just that—ugly. Sometimes, it’s not your fault things go south. When it comes to random rendezvous, so many things can go wrong. Maybe he accidentally knees you in the face. Or maybe she eats all of the pizza in your […] More

  • 15 Parents Who Nailed the Whole Texting Thing

    A mother is truly like no other woman in your life: she raised you, fed you, probably gave you way too much money as a teen, and still lets you cry on her shoulder when your romantic life goes to shit (again). And yet, there are few people in your life who will make you […] More

  • These 32 Awkward Photos Are So Relatable It Hurts

    There are certain basic human experiences – like riding a bike for the first time, or having your first crush – that everyone can relate to. No one had to teach you to “fake laugh when you have no idea what the other person said,” or school you in “the international hand symbol for ‘What the hell is this […] More

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