15 Tweets About Being in Your 20s That Are Way Too Real

Image via Buzzfeed
Image via Buzzfeed

Your 20s are an insanely formative time in your life.

For the first time, you’re out of your parents’ house, gainfully employed, and paying your own bills (at least probably).

You’re also pretty damn likely to be in crippling debt – thanks, student loans – and finding your footing with new friends and budding relationships. Growing up is hard, y’all.

Thankfully, you’re far from the only one going through it. Because even when it seems like all of your friends have more of their shit together than you do, trust us, they don’t.

But more importantly, the Twitterverse is teeming with twenty-somethings, and they’re not afraid to poke fun at what it’s like to be in the same (sinking) boat.

Here are 15 tweets that perfectly capture what it’s like to be a big kid trying to make it in this crazy grown-up world.

1. When you’ve hit peak laziness.


2. When you realizing tidying will never be fun.


3. Too true.

Written by Mary McCaw

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