16 Jawdropping Face Swaps That Make Us Want To Delete Snapchat Altogether

Image via Mashable
Image via Mashable

A few months back, Snapchat surprised us by rolling out their Face Swap feature. It was a gift no one had asked for… but now that we have it, we’ve started to wonder if, just maybe, we hopelessly needed it all along.

Sure, it serves no real purpose. But until now, all you could do was wonder what it would be like to see your face on your best friend’s body – or, in one case, boob.

Here are 16 of the most jaw-dropping face swaps of 2016. You’ll die when you see the last one

It was the best of times, when Snapchat was discovered by dads…


1. The Worst Kind of Baby Daddy

Benjamin Button has nothing on this baby.


2. Putting The “Face” in “Face” Swap.

Ahh, finally. We can go twinsies with our favorite inanimate objects.


3. I’m A Barbie 50-Year-Old Man Just Doesn’t Have the Same Ring To It…

Who let these guys on Snapchat in the first place?

Written by Mary McCaw

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