16 Low-Cost Ways to Step Up Your Dorm Room Decor

Turning a house into a home requires a lot of effort… and the occasional disco ball.

Whether you’ve moved into a dorm room, have six roommates or just bought a house, it’s safe to say you’ll have friends over. And if you’re throwing a kickback, you’ll want to invest in a good vibe.

So, it’s time to trade those dirty pizza boxes and coffee stains for some decor and party tricks you’re proud of.

Take a look at these 16 party-positive home goods:

1. When you’re trying to recreate “Stranger Things” in your bedroom…

LED Subwoofer

LED subwoofer w/ speakers: Spencer’s

2. Okay, you know this would be so much fun:

Batman Projector Pen
Batman Projector Pen: Spencer’s

3. If you’re into trippy things…

Boom Shroom Speaker
Sound Candy Bloom Shroom Speaker: Spencer’s

4. …or straight-up 70s vibes.

Vintage Lava Lamp
Vintage Lava Lamp: Spencer’s

Written by Jane Hervey

managing editor at TFLN