17 Animals That Had Strange Encounters… As Told by Humans

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Who has stayed up watching Discovery Channel and Animal Planet til’ the wee hours of the morning? Is it just me? Come on, drinking a beer while watching Big Cat Diary is what dreams are made of! Animals are f*cking fascinating. Ever since your parents introduced doggies and kitties, I’m sure you’ve been fascinated by our animal counterparts.

I remember begging my mom to sign my permission slip for our class field trip to the zoo as soon as I received it. Then, my grandma decided to chaperone and she didn’t let me run around to say hi to all the animals like I wanted to. Really, grandma?! Let me live my life!

Situations such as coming face to face with a black bear cub, stumbling upon a raccoon digging through your trash, or running into an owl in the middle of a hike are one’s to keep in your memory to recall. Animal encounters are pretty entertaining and most times, they make for some unforgettable stories.

These 17 people recall strange animal encounters:


One of my grans used to have a pet monkey. One day we were outside near its cage and it was shouting and jumping around because it wanted to get out. Eventually it got frustrated and started masturbating while hanging off a branch with one arm. It got really into it and decided to use both hands.


I pulled into my backyard after my first few weeks of college to a large bird running away from my car. Apparently, my family had gotten ostriches, and nobody bothered to tell me.


I visited a zoo on a high school trip and managed to film a black bear giving himself head. It was surreal, man.


Walking along a bush track when I came across a wallaby just leaning back against a tree. I just stopped moving and stood there trying to figure out what was going on. The wallaby just watched me and continued to lean against the tree with its legs spread along the ground and staring at me. After a few moments it suddenly dawned on me: the wallaby had just given birth and the joey was making its way up to the pouch! I slowly backed away so I didn’t startle her and went on my way

Written by Irvi Torremoro

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