17 Couples Broke Up For the Dumbest Reasons Imaginable

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Image via Giphy

Breaking up and getting dumped is seriously the pits. No one enjoys getting their ass kicked to the curb. But, unfortunately, it’s part of life, and we’ve got to deal with it.

But you know what’s worse than getting dumped? Getting dumped for the dumbest reason imaginable. Like if you got a haircut and your SO didn’t like it, and instead of waiting for it to grow out, dumped you. Yeah, that’s really happened. Or if you complained about smoke from cooking and got dumped for it. Seriously, I couldn’t make this sh*t up.

Those are only 2 things that have happened to the following 17 couples. Their relationships all ended with a major dumping for straight up the dumbest reasons EVER. So if you’re gonna dump someone, maybe do it for reasonable reasons YA CRAZIES.

These 17 couples broke up for the dumbest reasons:


My gf at the time kept getting mad that she wasn’t in my Myspace top 8 at the time. I thought it was hysterical it was a big deal to her, since I never used MySpace. She eventually broke up with me cause I refused to add her to my top 8.


I broke up with a guy because he criticized that the chicken I made for a valentine’s dinner made too much smoke in the apartment.


I met my (ex) GF through a pub in DOTA. She discovered that we both live in the same city & it went from there. We met up & had great sex, & started dating. What I couldn’t seem to work with were her habits online. Our common interest is DOTA & she seemed to make excuses not to play with me. At first she claimed that she wanted to raise her solo MMR & that’s why she wouldn’t queue with me, but she would wait till I was asleep to go play with other people. She did that 3 days in a row & it was pretty much a dealbreaker. I even made a passive aggressive comment asking if I wasn’t fun to play with to which she responded “you needy f*ck”.


I broke up with her because she wouldn’t work out with me or lose weight with me. I still wonder if it was the right choice. She was the best person I ever dated and literally the nicest person I’ve met in my entire life. She helped me grow and become who I am today.

Written by Alex Cogen

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