These 17 Parents Decided to Cut Contact With Their Horrible Kids

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Often when children are young, you imagine that they’re going to grow up to be these extraordinary people that you’ll love unconditionally forever. They have no choice but to be nothing but wonderful and perfect.

Unfortunately, that isn’t true for all people. Circumstances and mental issues can cause kids to grow up to be horrible adults, and sometimes there is not much you can do about it. Parents in these situations often try their hardest to get help for their problem child, because they think they are capable of change. But not all people are, and sometimes your bad child grows up to be an even worse adult.

So what do you do? You cut ties. It’s difficult and it’s horrible, but there comes a point where you realize your efforts aren’t doing any good, and your child is just taking advantage of you. Although you may still love this person, they are going going to make your life more difficult, and the lives of those around you.

These 17 parents made the difficult decision of cutting contact with their difficult child. You may think it sounds harsh, but people that share in these experiences know that sometimes, that’s really your only option.

These 17 parents cut ties with their problem children:


Cheap and easy to obtain heroin was the beginning of the end. Twice he robbed me of all my possessions – even my car, 1 eight month stint in state jail during which I visited with his daughter every weekend and upon release I brought him home only to be robbed again. 3 failed attempts in recovery centers after which he and his girlfriend abandoned their children leaving them with me for 4 years with no contact of any kind. At 32 yo he is now unable to remain out of the county jails for more than a week at a time. I’m done.


When I married my husband he already had 2 older children that lived with their Mother. We ended up having 2 kids of our own. My step-children moved in with us. They caused problems for us. I’m talking heavy drugs, sneaking out & getting arrested. The older of the two called CPS twice & made up lies about me being abusive. They ended up pissing off the wrong crowd & there was a possibility of our home getting “shot up”. Their Dad sent them to live with their Mother. Years later they were both in their 20s & we discovered they were stealing from my side of the family. They robbed my sister & took what we totaled to be around $25K from 3 family members. Beyond that, they had a drug operation going on in a family member’s summer cottage. When confronted by their dad, they blew up. That was it for us.


My 33-year-old daughter chose drugs and thug life over her husband and two boys. Hasn’t seen her boys in 4 years. They’re only 7 and 5. The oldest remembers her; the youngest does not. I’ve been dealing with her darkness since she was in 4th grade. Took her to countless therapists in her youth; she convinced them all she was fine. I tried to help her through probation and rehab again last year in the hopes of reuniting her with her boys. She was snorting; now she’s shooting. Nothing legal to keep her from these boys. She chose drugs.


My husband & his ex-wife divorced when my SS was 18 months old. When SS was 8 she showed up at our door with him in tow. She said she couldn’t handle him anymore, so if we didn’t take him then she was going to take him to the children’s home. SS was in therapy, but really started escalating dangerous behaviors. My daughter would wake up in the middle of the night with him standing over her saying “next time you’ll never wake up.” We put a lock on her door, which he broke through with ease. We put a deadbolt on her door & he broke it. The last straw for me was when he barricaded himself in his room with his little brother. I could hear my son screaming-when I finally got in-my SS was molesting him. He needed more help that what his therapist or we could do for him. The next day child services was contacted and he was removed from our home.

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