17 People Confess The Most Difficult Thing They’ve Ever Done

Image via Penn State Sports
Image via Penn State Sports

Life is full of tough choices and situations. Yeah, I know, that’s common knowledge, but it’s important to remember that everyone around you is dealing with their own sh*t, and to always be kind and compassionate to others.

When it comes to facing difficult situations, people handle them differently. We stand strong or crumble under the pressure and pain of it all. It’s normal for us all to have our own unique reactions to the things we don’t have much control over.

The following 17 people had to make difficult decisions and face tough situations. These decisions range from telling someone you love them to making the courageous decision to leave someone that has caused you pain. Whatever difficult decision and event you have to face in your life, know you’re not alone.

These 17 people confess the most difficult things they ever had to face:


I had to put a dog down at 14. Had a local horse vet come with the euthanize kit to our home. I dug a hole out back by our old jungle gym, which he loved to hang out under for shade. Bastard laid next to me and watched most of the time. Took a lot of frustration out on that dirt those few days. His goofy grin, drool, and wheezing made it a lot harder, him thinkin’ we were just chilling, and me feeling like I had a dark secret he didn’t know was coming. Petey boy went out doing what he loved most, though: Eating ice cream, getting butt scratches, and drooling all over me.


Getting the nerve up to tell my parents about a family member raping and torturing me for many years. Then, having to testify against him in court shortly after was just as hard. I broke down and told them I couldn’t do it. Instead, I gave my testimony on a recording device and they played that for the court. I stayed in a side room elsewhere and just cried the whole time. He got 8 months and then 2 years of probation and a restraining order. If I would’ve told them everything, it would’ve been much longer, but I was too scared. Being in public is hard for me because this guy threatened to kill me if I ever told and every little boom or pop makes me jump and get scared, so I’ve become quite reclusive over the years.


Live through, leave and emotionally recover from an abusive relationship.


Stopped smoking weed when my wife had kids. That was very difficult because I liked it so much but I just didn’t want my kids to be around that.

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