These 17 People Have Unusual After-Sex Rituals

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So, you’re finally get laid. It’s been f*cking forever and it’s a relief to know that not only you can still get it but that you’re finally able to orgasm without the help of your hand or dildo. But what happens after sex? Especially if it’s a new person? I’ve been prone to sneak the f*ck out, especially if this new partner decides to take a shower. It’s like my signature move, to run away before the cuddles begin. In my head, cuddles and pillow talk lead to cute fantasies of a possible relationship with said sex partner.

Some people like to go back to the movie they were watching while they were in the middle of “Netflix and chill” or leave to grab a glass of water and make a sandwich. If I ever encountered someone that decided to play video games right after, I’d probably run for the hills (mainly because it’d be known that they’re the type of guy I wouldn’t want to be around because I f*cking hate video games, sorry not sorry).

We’ve got our quirky routines and they can follow us into the bedroom, especially after a romp in between the sheets. So, it’s cool if you’re into grabbing a piece of that cheesecake post-coital. Or if you want to vape after and peruse Reddit, that’s cool too, bro. To each his own, right?

These 17 people have unusual after-six rituals:


Licking his face.


I just like to have ice cream after.


Smoke, create, bake, snack, read, do chores.


CHEESECAKE. Seriously, desserts always need to be to go on date nights.

Written by Irvi Torremoro

Irvi Torremoro is an Austinite by way of Las Vegas. She's worked in various outlets in food & beverage and is now focused on writing, eating all the things, talking about Beyonce, and petting all the puppies. She runs, a lifestyle blog about people in the service industry.