17 Students Tell All About Their Experience Having Sex With Their Teacher

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People seriously hype up teacher-student relationships. They show them in films and tv shows, and make it look all romantic and glamorous. But not all of these relationships are like Aria and Ezra. Teachers banging and dating students that are under 18 really isn’t that cute.. it’s kind of screwed up.

Despite what you under 18 people think, you’re not adults, and f*cking someone that is your teacher just shows how immature you are. You could ruin both of your lives. And if you’re a teacher banging a KID… WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK. Seriously, if you’re having sex with people under 18, I fully believe you should go to jail. It’s beyond f*cked.

But for those of you that are over 18 and out of high school… have at it! Seriously, banging college professors doesn’t seem all that bad to me. You’re over 18 and you are capable of making your own decisions. Just PLEASE be smart about it.

These 17 students had sex with one of their teachers:


Saw this guy on grindr when I lived on campus and thought his body looked pretty hot. Messaged him, said he was a Prof on campus so I had to send my pic first, found out the dpt he taught in and it was mine, sent my picture on the promise he would, sent it, says he never realised I was bi, and he always thought I was fit, sent his. Says bring a towel and meet at x office in 15 mins. Met in his office, sucked me off, f*cked him. Start of a great fwb relationship.


After graduation, I hooked up with my old history teacher (a few times). I frequently would watch his daughter when he had to work late. I was invited to go camping with the two of them. “Let’s have a drink to celebrate the beginning of summer!” changed quickly. I ended it very abruptly when his daughter started calling me mom.


When I was 17 I got the chance to go to school in the states & so I had a senior year here. The English teacher had just gotten the job there according to the other kids my age. But what happened was I needed help just speaking and learning English better, so she said she’d help me out. I’d come in after school and we’d do the flash card BS and eventually she started asking me”what I thought about American girls” and if i prefer blondes, brunettes and etc. Questions slowly got more personal until she gave me her phone number, told me to call her at 8 and she’ll have plans. I was confused as hell, but when I got to her house my other head took over the thinking.


A couple I know met as teacher (m) and student (f) at graduate school. According to her, she didn’t ask him out until after the grades were in. According to him, she needed an A. But it’s my dad, so he’s probably kidding.

Written by Alex Cogen

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