17 Students Tell All About Their Experience Having Sex With Their Teacher


After I graduated hs I saw my history teacher at a bar and he bought me a drink, took me back to his place and we f*cked. I snuck out the next morning and I haven’t heard from him since.


I was 17 at the time. Students were assigned a guidance counselor for academic questions & she was mine. One day I’m walking home & she leans her head out the window of her car & asks if I need a lift. We begin to drive & she says she needs to stop at her place. We get to her apartment & she says I can wait on the couch. She comes back from some room, sits down & she starts telling me about how she hasn’t been with anyone for over a year. She looks at me in a way I’ve never seen her do puts her hand on my leg & says, you know out of all the students I talk to, I’m the most comfortable with you. She puts her hand on the back of my head, while this entire time I’m frozen. She tells me to relax grabs my hand leads me to her bedroom.


I had sex with my high school gym teacher after I graduated. I was really overweight and just not pleasant to look at in high school, but I had a huge crush on him. After graduation I lost weight and looked him up on facebook. I said we should meet up for dinner so we did. I told him I used to have a gigantic crush on him, which he didn’t believe. He said I should go to his place for dinner sometime, and of course I was all for it. I get there and he made a pizza and we had some beer. Then watched TV on the couch for what seemed like an eternity, just talking and joking. That led to cuddling and WHABAM my hand was on his dick. He led me to the bedroom and we proceeded to have some of the best sex I’ve ever had in my life.

Written by Alex Cogen

Alex is a New Yorker currently living in Austin. She loves cats, grass, and latex but unfortunately is allergic to all 3. She makes mom and dad jokes more than she cares to admit (jk she'll admit it loud and proud). She isn't as funny as she thinks she is. She is the founder of thelazygurl.com.