17 Students Tell All About Their Experience Having Sex With Their Teacher


There was a girl at my high school who was known to be in a relationship with one of the male teachers. She always hung out with a group of friends in his classroom, basically at every break that class wasn’t going on. I guess at some point she started hanging out there by herself as well, and things turned into something more than just friendly. I hung out in there a few times during lunch and they would make blatant sexual remarks to each other, touch each other in ways that were way past a line of student/teacher, and just overall make it obvious that something was going on. The administration eventually questioned the teacher about it and he didn’t come back the next year.


Banged out my English teacher after graduation in her minivan in the middle of nowhere. We had gone for drinks and things went from there. She was married. Unfortunately for me the van got stuck in mud and we called for a tow. Ironically, the tow guy was a firefighter who worked with her husband. Things went downhill from there.


In grad school I was an research assistant for a professor in her late 30s. Lots of sexual tension, you could tell there was mutual attraction. Our relationship gradually veered into the personal – we would get lunch, drinks together, talk about personal things. Deep shit like the purpose of life. Her husband (also a professor) was away for the week on conference. We had a meeting to discuss a project of mine, she rescheduled to her home. I had an idea what might be up. I arrived to a cliche, she opened the door in a robe, naked underneath, dropped the robe once we got inside, she looked me in the eyes and asked me if I wanted to go to bed with her. We had a sexual relationship for the two years until I graduated.

Written by Alex Cogen

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