17 Students Tell All About Their Experience Having Sex With Their Teacher


I had sex with my Sunday school teacher, I came over to play yugioh and next thing you know blow jobs.


I didn’t have sex with him while I was a student but I did hook up with my former P.E. teacher from middle school. He was the first real crush I ever had. The end of my sophomore year in college, I was back home for break & ran into him at a bar. We talked & being intoxicated I decided to say, “I’ll give you my number for pleasure reasons.” We exchanged numbers. We met up that weekend for coffee & after an hour & a half, he asked if I wanted to go next door to get a beer. We head over, & the conversation over drinks is about the same. Within 30 minutes we were in his house, on his bed, just going it at it.


I was 17 (legal age of consent in Ireland) she was a 23 year old 5’2” beautiful French teacher. I was quite good at french and when we had practice sessions for our oral exam(speaking french to an examiner) I always flirted like crazy with her. On the last day of school I got to talking to her and told her that I needed a coffee and to come with me…she did and we hit it off. We met up several times and the night before she had to head back France I made my move and ended up doin d diddly all night. Rumours got spread around as we were seen together several times and the whole town knew in the end. Ended up going out for about 6 months before I met my current girlfriend in university.

Written by Alex Cogen

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