17 Students Tell All About Their Experience Having Sex With Their Teacher


Teacher had just started her first year at my hs. I was a senior & she was late 20s/early 30s. She took over the Student Alliance club. There were only 5 of us in the club so we were pretty close knit. A few times it’d just be the 2 of us after meetings & we’d talk. At the end of the year I stay after everyone else leaves to give the normal good bye you give to a teacher when you’re about to graduate. We talk about what I’m doing next year, etc. I’m sitting in a desk chair & she’s sitting on the desk. I don’t even remember what she said, but she put her hand on my inner thigh. We had sex on the desk & I’m pretty sure there are still stains from all the hot ropes of cum I shot. We never had sex again & I never saw her again.


Some time during the middle of the academic year, I made an appointment to meet with my Professor to go over questions. We would normally meet on campus, but campus wasn’t opened. So he asked if I would be comfortable meeting at his place instead. I cautiously accepted his suggestion, but at the same time not wanting to come off as having a silly schoolgirl crush. We went through a ton of study material, then talked & went out to have a simple dinner. Nothing else happened, we were both just happy to be in each other’s company. We went out to dinner again, & he looked straight at me & confessed his feelings for me. We’ve been together for 2+ years now.


I was 13 (6th grade) & she was my social studies teacher. We were pretty cool with each other & we got pretty close. Fast forward to my 7th grade Christmas break, & we’re starting to talk a lot. Eventually she confesses her love to me out of the blue. I had no feelings for her at all so I was just kinda like what the f*ck. So I thought about it & my horny little 13 year old mind thought I could get laid & just went along with all of it. We eventually meet up & f*ck. It was really messed up because when we had sex it was in her bedroom, in her bed that she shared with her loving husband. We continue this for a few months until we eventually get caught which was a f*cking mess. She gets convicted of a few felonies & can never teach again.


I was 22 & attending Community College. My Japanese teacher says we can get extra credit if we go to some Japanese movie showing. I was the only one that went. I was new to the whole area & had no friends so I told her if she ever wanted to hang out on the weekends I’d be happy to. One day we end up having sex. I go back to my hometown for the week & I get a call from her which I ignore because I’m with my family. I call her when I get back & she starts crying. I thought it was obvious I didn’t want a relationship, look at our age difference. She got mad & said “Do you think I’m going to give you a good grade just because of what happened?” Which I did actually but I said, “No no no”.

Written by Alex Cogen

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