17 Things All Instagram Addicts Do But Won’t Admit

Image via Giphy
Image via Giphy

It doesn’t matter the time of day; whether at work, on a brunch date, vacationing in Bali, or just bumming around on any old Saturday, you can spot an avid Insta-user from miles away.

We’re always snapping selfies, analyzing other users’ account aesthetics, and impatiently waiting for the ‘likes’ to pour in. We pose, filter, follow, unfollow, and self promote with absolutely zero shame.

Honestly, it’s a full-blown addiction. But the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. So, we confess – we can’t get enough of Instagram, and it’s screwing up our day to day lives. And now it’s time to come clean.

Here are 17 things all Instagram addicts do, but won’t admit.

1. Owning a selfie stick

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You’ll ditch it as soon as you start dating a guy who knows his way around a DSLR. And even then, not until he knows your angles.


2. Liking your own photo.

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Yeah, we know you do it. You can’t lie to us. Because we do it, too.


3. If you run multiple Instagram accounts, logging in to each of them to like your personal post (again).

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Pray your boss doesn’t check what photos your work account ‘likes’.

Written by Mary McCaw

Mary is a freelance writer and editor. She's based in San Francisco, but lately, home is wherever her suitcase is. If you really are what you eat, she is at least 50% pizza.