These 17 Untrustworthy Partners Tested their Significant Other

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Relationships are a test in and of themselves. You test yourself by becoming a unit and trusting someone with your feelings. Every day, you test whether or not you can put up with your partner and they’re quirks (they’re more like annoying habits when you’re pissed at them) and they’re equally tested just the same. So, why put more of a burden on the relationship by testing your partner on purpose?

Because it’s f*cking human nature and we love testing people’s patience, especially if they’re trying to stick around and put up with you, of all people. There was a girl that would do an annoying baby voice with every boyfriend she had in high school, to see if they’d put up with it, in order for her to sleep with them. Most of them did and the girl was dubbed a genius in many social circles.

Look, it’s normal to test people, we get it but some people take testing a little too far with their partners.Some people need to take a chill pill when testing their partners and realize that they may be a part of the problem.  Fake pregnancies, children from a previous partner, and constantly pushing a significant other’s patience tiptoe on crossing the line.

These 17 people decided to test their partners to the breaking point:


My ex held a knife to my throat to see if I trusted him.


A friend of mine has been dating this girl for about a year. He goes over to her house and only her sister is home. The sister claims that his girlfriend (her sister) went to the store. After a few minutes of talking she tries to come on to him pretty forcefully. She tells him that she really likes him and has secretly wanted him since before he started dating her sister. My friend, being in love with his girlfriend, is appalled and leaves only to find his girlfriend and mom standing outside all happy. My friend “passed” the test. He is disturbed by the lack of trust and makes it clear that he is not amused. He then leaves and doesn’t speak to his gf for about a week. After the week he calls her and tells her it’s over. He says her lack of trust made him realize he can’t be with her. She claims it was all her mom’s idea and begs forgiveness. None was given.


Being told she was pregnant – to see what I would do (she was afraid I’d run away if she did, but since she was a dancer, having a kid would be a career ending move).


I was dating a guy and we had a wild night with a girl and her friend. A couple months later, he told me that one of the girls tested positive for gonnorhea, so I freaked out and got tested. He said everyone else got tested and that they were fine. I asked him if he did too and he said he would when he got back into town (he worked traveled a lot). Well, he never did get tested and just wanted to make sure I wasn’t sleeping with other people. Broke up with him right away.

Written by Irvi Torremoro

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