These 17 Wedding Photographers Dealt With Crappy Clients

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Weddings are for a time of celebration. Two people have gone through the motions of the sh*tty dating world and have no found each other. There’s plenty to celebrate, then! You gather family and friends to rejoice in your celebration and throw one huge party in order to celebrate your love!

This all needs to be documented, too. How else can you show off your undying love on Facebook and the rest of the social media platforms? You need to give those mean girls from high school something to talk about, after all. So, you go sift through all of the different wedding photographers and find the perfect one.

Now, wedding photographers go through a whole lot. They have to deal with being on their feet all day and night, documenting a couple’s special day. They have to be aware throughout the the wedding day. From the preparation, to the ceremony, after the ceremony, and all night during the reception. That’s a strenuous day on someone. It doesn’t help if the couple are a terrible bridezilla and groomzilla. We can only hope that these clients are the worst that these professionals have had to deal with.

These 17 wedding photographers dealt with terrible clients:


Groom and his groomsmen were all popping pills they passed around in a plastic easter egg. Groomsman failed to eat anything all day until the dinner after the ceremony. The bride was drunk by the time she arrived at the ceremony. Everyone looked like hell. The groom was such a mess. My partner and I were trying to get them up to take photos, but he would only glare at the camera. I should also say this was not my first gig or a super cheap deal or anything.


I was able to shoot the couple in a beautiful, abandoned house. It had a winding staircase, wood floors, a sitting room with mirrors and a fireplace, a sunroom with opaque glass. They acted as if they could barely stand each other: she would only touch him with shoulders, so she was leaning onto him. She had one sour, frumpy expression, like she’d recently been to a funeral. They wanted just 5 or 10 photos in the house because they didn’t want to stall the reception. Oh, and my wife’s friend wanted to be my assistant, to learn strobist work, and bailed on me 30 minutes before the wedding.


I had a client (a friend) who wasn’t able to smile. I ask politely if they were able to smile and she had said she doesn’t smile. Regardless of everything we tried she still couldn’t smile, even the natural photos. When I gave them the photos she complained that I didn’t have any of her smiling..


While studying photography I helped a friend with a wedding. Everyone was nice but the bride and her mother. While my friend was taking photos of the bride and groom from the front I was on my own taking photos on the sideline. I felt the smack of the mother’s hand on the side of my face (she managed to get that small open gap your arm and camera make) she yelled at me telling me I wasn’t doing things right and I should be in front of the couple. After a small fight my crew decided to leave when the mom would not calm down. The couple had no other photos of the wedding besides a small fun saver the dad of the bride had.

Written by Irvi Torremoro

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