19 of the Most Awkward Ways to End Sex

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Image via Giphy

Sex should always end with a bang! Cumming or an intense orgasm is the goal, and when you don’t get there it really sucks. But if you have a good partner, you’ll always get there.

But how else does sex end? You’d think the worst case scenario would just be NOT cumming, but on the contrary, there are worse things. Like, for instance, something awkward AF happening. Something along the lines of shitting yourself or calling her by her moms name. Yeah… that sh*t’s happened.

So take a cue and try not to do what these 19 people did. They had sex and it ended hella awkwardly. Like, so awkward that even you’ll cringe, and you weren’t even there! Has something like this happened to you? Tell us! We’re dying to know.

These 19 people ended sex in the most awkward ways:


A few moments after both of us came while in a 69, I went to swing my leg over her my girl’s head to stand up. I ended up kneeing her in the temple knocking her out cold. She ended up in the hospital with a concussion. No one believed we were play wrestling and this was a simple accident.


So I’m having sex with my boyfriend with me on top. He has really bad TMJ, so his jaw cracks. All of the sudden I hear this deafening crack, I look down and he literally looks like the scream painting. Except his jaw is about 7 inches to the right of where it should be.


She wanted me to pull out and cum on her. But one shot accidentally went up her nose, and caused her to choke/cough/sneeze violently. She then went to the bathroom for 20 minutes trying to clean it out.


Calling her by her mother’s name put a stop to it pretty damn fast.

Written by Alex Cogen

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