19 Characteristics That Make People Instantly Attractive

Image via Tenor
Image via Tenor

Everyone has a certain type of person they’re attracted to. From appearance to personality, we are all drawn to certain characteristics. Luckily we all have different types, otherwise we’d be f*cked. Imagine everyone in the world vying for the same people? It’d be a bloodbath. But I digress.

But are there any characteristics we can all agree on? YAS. I’m sure everyone in the world wants someone that is kind and compassionate. Even the d*ck holes want to date a nice person. And surely, you want someone that smells good, or at least doesn’t make you gag every time you are within a couple inches of them.

Well, when it comes down to attractive characteristics, these 19 make the top of the list. They automatically show that someone is attractive and an all around decent human being. Okay, so not ALL of them. Some of them might just be a personal preference. But whatever, they all sound pretty dang hot to me.

These 19 characteristics make people instantly attractive:


I’m not even sure I want kids of my own, but when I see a guy kneel down to talk to a kid and make fun conversation, my ovaries explode.


They’re languid. That look of “I know exactly what’s happening and I allow it.” Unhurried, not rushed, a patience born from apathy or experience or fascination. I want to know more; I’m interested. Sexy as hell.


If she has interesting things she’s passionate about and likes to talk about.


If they smell good. Not just run-of-the-mill good, but spectacular good. Recently ran into an acquaintance that I hadn’t seen in 13 years. Not classically attractive, but he smelled like fir trees and vanilla after a hard rain. OH. MY. GOD. He could have had a hatchet in his head and I would have wanted to tear off his clothes. Unfortunately, this was under professional circumstances and the ripping off of clothing would have been frowned upon. C’est la vie.

Written by Alex Cogen

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