The 19 Creepiest Missing Person Cases


The case of Jaycee Lee Dugard has always fascinated and mortified me. 11 year old girl kidnapped on her way to school in 1991. In 2009, she turns up alive. Turns out, married couple kidnapped her and kept her in a series of sheds in their backyard for 18 years as a sex slave. During this time the man impregnated her twice and she had two kids, 11 and 15 when the three of them were finally rescued. These kids had never seen the outside world and all they knew were what she was able to teach them with her own limited knowledge.


It’s solved now but the Colleen Stan case always sticks with me. She accepted a ride from a couple with a young baby thinking they looked safe and they were anything but. They held her captive as a sex slave for 7 years, many days she spent 22-23 hours in a box under their bed. The wife even gave birth on the bed above her. She was allowed to go home once and visit her family, she was so brainwashed she didn’t tell them what was happening and went back to the box afterwards. The wife finally helped her escape when the husband started building a dungeon for more slaves.


this girl who was working alone got dragged out of gas station (all seen on camera). The footage was so bad they couldnt figure out who it was so they put out a message in the paper with his coat description. Someone eventually says their janitor always wears that coat. They go to the guys house and search non stop over and over again. They find a single burned tooth in the backyard. It would have been inconclusive but the girl had gone to a dentist conference and got a just on the market filling that only like 2 people in the world had…. so they caught him.

Written by Alex Cogen

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