The 19 Creepiest Missing Person Cases


My would-be aunt was abducted and presumably murdered when she was a young girl, 7 yo. The primary suspect was Ted Bundy, who lived down the street and was 14 at the time. My grandmother wrote to him while he was on death row and he wrote back denying responsibility. My mom and the deceased shared a bedroom and were very close in age. There’s a book about it. Very creepy in general but especially to me considering it could have easily been my mom and I never would have existed.


3 teenage girls from my area disappeared. All of the cases were unrelated & happened within a month of each other. 1st girl left a party & never made it home (it was discovered later that she was drunk & had driven off the road into a lake). 2nd was a mentally disabled girl who vanished from her home (I think the parents probably killed her, but no one has been arrested or charged, she’s still just missing). 3rd was a girl who never came home one night (apparently she went to a trailer park to buy drugs, but the couple tied her up & kept her in a kennel for 2 months raping her multiple times over that period of time. They eventually got caught cause they invited a friend over & offered to let him have a go. When he left he called the police).


Johnny Gosch. Kid gets kidnapped while doing his morning paperboy route and more than likely forced into sex slavery for pedophiles. Mother claims that Johnny visited her at night 15 years later, talked with her for an hour while another man watched, and then vanished again. 10 years later, a manila envelope shows up on her doorstep with pictures of johnny bound and gagged.

Written by Alex Cogen

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