The 19 Creepiest Missing Person Cases


Three lighthouse keepers went missing from a tiny island off Scotland. No one knows what happened but when people came to the island they saw that two of the three raincoats were missing, a meal was left half eaten, and a chair was knocked over on the ground. When they checked the diary of one of the lighthouse keepers, it talked about a violent storm and how they other two lighthouse keepers were acting weird. What’s creepy is that there never was a storm in that region even though the diary said there was. All three lighthouse keepers were never found.


Pretty famous, but Henry McCabe. The most bizarre thing about his disappearance is the voicemail that was left, though. It had all sorts of noises where people speculate it could have been the sound of waterboarding or getting tased. His family also apparently misled the police a few times and his friends, who were last seen with him, made a series of poor decisions which led to the disappearance. It was also odd that the FBI got involved in all this. As I said earlier, the creepiest thing I find is the voicemail of strange sounds that he left that no one can identify. Apparently there were a few recordings of it posted on the internet, yet no one can find the full audio anymore and only bits and pieces.


My mom’s friend’s son has been missing since November, kid’s 13 and has epilepsy, and his mom has been very shifty in her statements about it. It’s just creepy to me because this is someone I know, who is either dead or hidden. There’s just no way the kid’s been out in the wilderness living this entire time, this isn’t Hatchet.

Written by Alex Cogen

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