The 19 Most Disgusting Things Restaurant Employees Have Done

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The restaurant industry could be hella fun. You party after work with your coworkers, learn all about food and booze, and make friends for life. If you're at the right place, it could be one of the best jobs you'll ever have.

But sometimes working is restaurants is the WORST. You get shitty hours, have to deal with a** holes, and it's just an overall unpleasant experience.

So how do some service industry workers cope with their unhappiness? They do nasty AF shit, and just generally DGAF. Drop a burger? Pick it up, and serve it of course! Mopped the bathroom? Ugh, who needs to refill that, just use that water for the counters!

The following 19 restaurant employees admitted to doing some nasty things, or at least witnessed their coworkers being gross. But there is a valuable lesson to be learned here: treat everyone with kindness. Seems reasonable right? Well, if you suck & don't like being nice, at least do it for selfish reasons, because you don't want a loogie in your food.

These 19 restaurant employees confess the worst things they've done and seen:


If a special order receipt came in & said “extra sauce, no sauce” that was code from the cashier for ‘customer is a c*nt, do' em'. Food made to be as visually appealing as possible but is passed round kitchen & everyone f*cks with it. Stereotypical things like spitting in it or ‘accidentally' dropping it, but also taking fillings like lettuce or cheese out of the waste bin, get a sauce container out the bin from a few hours ago, cut open & use remnants in the burger, lick the contents – I saw one guy cook the burger then place in on a frozen raw pattie & put another pattie on top to contaminate it then using the cooked one, though even he had the decency to throw away the 2 raw ones afterward. Don't f*ck with people at McDonald's.


I saw a coworker bleed on a pizza once and still serve it.


Had a co-worker take a shit on the walk-in fridge floor. Apparently he had gotten into a fight with our manager and did that as an act of revenge.


I worked for Papa Johns. Drivers would come in after a run and would sometimes be called to immediately get on the oven. Getting on the oven includes putting those peppers in the box, which we never used gloves for. Not only did we not use gloves but we often times did not have enough time to wash our hands after handling cash. So after touching bills and coins, we would go to the oven and dip our hands in that pepper container filled with juice and put them directly into your box. Some of the guys figured out they had open cuts on their hands when they dipped their fingers in said juice. If you can avoid it, don't eat the peppers.

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