The 19 Most Disgusting Things Restaurant Employees Have Done


I worked at a grocery store deli in Reno years ago. Someone took freshly fried chicken, put it on a tray and dropped it. Chicken everywhere. The dept mgr told the employee to pick it up, put it back in the fryer for a minute and serve it. She did just that. Another employee was caught pissing in the dishwashing sink cuz the bathroom was too far away. She got fired immediately.


I worked in a local pizza shop. Probably the worst thing I saw there was when the deep fryer didn't have its oil changed for over 2 weeks. The oil was completely black by tge time they got around to it. Disgusting. They would also try to get us to skim off the crap in the grease trap. They only provided your standard food safety gloves and a Styrofoam cup to do so. I absolutely refused to do this. Mind you, this was always done while food was being prepared several feet away.


Firehouse subs. I saw my manager drop a sandwich face down the floor and still serve it. That place was also infested with roaches and they would run across the counter as customers were ordering.

Written by Alex Cogen

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