19 Harrowing Tales of Kidnapping Victims

Image via Buzzfeed
Image via Buzzfeed

Kidnapping is something that is hard to talk about, especially for those that have lived through it. It’s something no one should ever have to go through.

And unfortunately it’s incredibly common. Hundreds of thousands of people are kidnapped every year, from children to grown adults. Kidnapping comes in many forms. From people taken for ransom to children kidnapped by family members, it’s alarming and sometimes harder to spot or detect.

The following 19 stories are of people that were kidnapped, or nearly kidnapped. Although it’s a relief to know that some people escaped or avoided being kidnapped by a mere margin, it’s unbearably devastating to read the accounts of some of the most terrifying experiences of peoples’ lives. So please, everyone, no matter your gender or age, be careful out there, and learn to proceed with caution in dangerous situations.

These 19 people share their harrowing kidnapping stories:


I was a Dominos delivery driver who was forced into my car at gun point & told to drive. He eventually had me pull over so he could sexually assault me. After, he had me drive back to where he jumped in my car to drop him off after stealing my phone, iPod, GPS and cash (an entire $20). There and back he’d sat in the back seat with the gun to the back of my head. This whole thing didn’t go on for very long but he eventually got charged with kidnapping so I think it counts. I drove back to Dominos and called the police and my boyfriend. I had to have my boyfriend bring me clothes since the police wanted to bag mine. I gave the police all the information I could remember and they did track him down within a few hours.


Somewhere around 1990, I was about 11 and was walking with a friend when a guy grabbed me and threw me the back seat of his car. His daughter was in the front seat and they were looking for someone who had been hassling the girl at our local park, and she recognized me from the park and thought I knew the guy. I kind of did but only by first name and didn’t know where he lived. But then I got a great idea, I said I knew where he lived and had the guy drive to where I lived. As soon as the car stopped, I jumped out. All the neighbors were out and blocked him in so he couldn’t leave before the cops showed up. He was arrested but between being young at the time and this being nearly 30 years ago, I don’t remember what happened to him.


We had a substitute teacher. My classroom phone rang & I was told a relative was outside to pick me up. Instead of going right outside I went to to the office, to see who had called & was here. The secretary was surprised to hear that someone had called my class to release me, she would have been the one to do it. The secretary walked me back to class & when speaking with the substitute the sub told her that it was a man’s voice on the phone. Immediately the school went into lockdown, apparently a man had gained access to our schools phone line, found my classroom & requested me to leave the building. We reviewed the security tapes & could see a man standing outside a big van on his cell phone looking at a sheet of paper, somehow this man knew I had a substitute teacher, & that I could have been vulnerable that day.


My father took me on Halloween when I was 5. We ended up 3 states over, he had major warrants out, & went on the run, he was a violent drunk & a tweaker, we hopped counties most of my childhood avoiding his newest warrants. He tried to kill me several times while drunk by strangling me & I basically grew up in honky tonk bars, & him drunk driving with me in the car almost driving us off a cliff in between the bar & our house. He hurt me really bad one day & school got involved. I was super messed up by it & had to live in children’s shelter & a group home.

Written by Alex Cogen

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