19 Obese People Admit Every Day Struggles

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America alone has been said to be the most indulgent country, especially when it comes to food. Today, nearly two-thirds of grown adults and one-third of children struggle with obesity. No wonder there are plenty of people that are struggling and trying to cope with this problem.

It’s a common thread that those who suffer from obesity cannot control themselves. Self-discipline is hard, especially as you get older. These people have been conditioned to eat because it makes them feel better or it’s comforting in a way. Stress eating is another common reason people claim is why they overeat.

The statistics and reasons can be very daunting but one thing is for sure, you really can’t judge someone’s problem unless you’ve been in their shoes. There’s a plethora of stigmas that are associated with obesity and overweight people and unfortunately, the general public isn’t willing to look past the physical and into the mental struggles that have to do with it. The difficulty of dealing with this problem is often overlooked by those that aren’t willing to understand.

These 19 obese people share difficult every day things they have to deal with:


Wiping my a**. I have short arms to begin with. I haven’t been able to wipe while sitting for nearly a decade. I have to stand up, hike one leg up on the edge of the tub, do some inner-thigh stretches, pick my stomach up and shift it left out of the way, then stretch with all my might to reach my a**hole. I have to go through this routine for every wipe.


Everyone thinks I’m lazy. You don’t have to say it, I see it in your eyes. We’re fat, not stupid. Doesn’t matter if I work from sun up to sun down, I’m fat therefore I’m lazy and have no self control.


I have to order my clothes on the Internet. No store within 50 miles carries clothing that fits me.


I am constantly exhausted. Constantly It takes a lot of work to lift this body around.

Written by Irvi Torremoro

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