19 Parents Admit the Lies They’ve Told Their Children

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It doesn’t necessarily get any easier raising a kid. Maybe parents think they’ve got it down by the time high school graduation rolls around or is it college graduation? Well, the one thing that parents can rely on is that when kids are younger, they’ll believe practically anything.

Gullibility can be best taken advantage of during toddler and elementary school ages. Those little, white lies parents have told you like: “Santa Claus is real, put out some milk and cookies for him” or “Put your tooth under your pillow and the tooth fairy will take it in exchange for money” probably wear off by the time you’re off to middle school.

Or not. Maybe it’s a game parents play to see how long their children will believe a lie that they’ve told them years ago. You’d be surprised what parents have told their children in order to get them to behave. Whatever gets the job right, mom and dad?

These 19 grown-ups admit the lies they’ve told their children:


My son used to pee in the tub all the time and one time, I had enough and told him that if he peed too many times he’d turn blue. Then, I slipped blue food coloring the next time he did it. He never did it again, not even in the pool.


“If you don’t let me get the boogers, the seagulls will get them.”


My friend was trying to get her headstrong 3 year old to eat his lima beans and he was not having it, so having recently seen The Avengers, she says they’re called Hulk beans and will make him really strong. He gobbles them down and gets this amazed look on his face and says, “They did make me strong! Look!” He then proceeds to pull down his pants and he has a full-on toddler boner.


I would tell my kids that beer was “Mommy soda”.

Written by Irvi Torremoro

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