19 People Discuss What Happened To Their First Love

Image via Tenor
Image via Tenor

Ahh, first love. There’s nothing quite like it. Although it’s new and magical and unreal, it usually has to end sometime. It’s rare for your first love to be your last.

So how does it end? The way most relationships do. Someone f*cks it up by cheating or moving away. Or, perhaps, they just fell out of love. It happens.

First love ends differently for everyone, but it always hurts. Losing someone you love is never easy. But with social media we can now see where our first love ended up. Did they find someone new? Did they become successful? Did their life go to sh*t?

These 19 people discuss what happened to their first love. It turned out differently for everyone, and some people ended up in horrible places. But there are a couple happy endings, and that’s really all you could hope for.

These 19 people discuss what happened to their first love:


She started seeing my friend behind my back when our relationship was rocky. Made it easy for me to not want to go back to her. I also found a really great girl right afterwards so that helped too.


He died in a car wreck. It’s hard to believe when I see the silver in my hair that I’ve lived now almost twice as long as he did. I used to imagine us growing old together & I’d picture him thin & white haired sitting by me on the porch. Instead he’ll always remain that beautiful boy, forever young, who carried my heart away with him.


She went to college. I went to a different college. Dropped out. Got married. She came back. Turns out she came back for me. I was married and I didn’t go for it, but it complicated things. She moved again. Then came back, with an adorable baby girl. I was still married and still didn’t go for it. She left for good. Never heard from her again. Then I got divorced, remarried and sometimes wonder if things finally worked out for her. I hope things did. I hope she’s a very happy grandmother now, but I have no idea.


We’re actually still pretty tight friends. We talk OFTEN. He’s no question the person I’ve known the longest and still absolutely adore.

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