19 People Discuss What Happened To Their First Love


He left me because the band was getting serious & he was going to be on tour all the time. 16 year old me was heartbroken & devastated & thought I would never find love again. All of my friends laughed at & doubted him, saying his band sucked. Fast forward 11 years & his band tours around the world, has headlined warped tour several times, & has had top selling albums in his genre. I hear them on the radio. I see people on the street all over the country wearing their tshirts. We’ve remained good friends to this day. I’m so proud of him. I still love him, but it’s definitely now like a good friend or brother. We’re also both in really good relationships now & super happy for one another.


My first genuine love was my ex from about 6-7 years back. I’d known her since highschool and would drop anything for her, even after we had separated later on. She passed away 3 years back due to a seizure when she fell into the bathtub while it filled and drowned. The pain of the loss is still there and always will be.


Dated my best female friend (never do this) after she was single for a while. Turns out she never dumped the old guy she was with for 5 years. We were at different schools, so I wouldn’t have known really. I ended up finding out after like 9 months or so and that ended. We slowly kind of became “friendly” again. Then we lost touch. We share the same birthday, so occasionally we’ll message a bit that one day each year. She lives out in Ohio and is with some ex-marine. I always felt like she was kind of a perfect match for me, and sometimes I feel like she feels/felt the same way.

Written by Alex Cogen

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