19 People Discuss What Happened To Their First Love


Cheated on me, initially lied about it, proceeded to lie to our therapist about it, then trickled out the truth while blaming me for it. When I broke up with her, she found two (!) new therapists who apparently support the notion that I was responsible for her infidelity.


We have been together 9 years and are married for 2 next year. I still love him and enjoy his company as much as I did when we met. He’s a wonderful guy.


It has been many years. She left me for another guy and moved out west. They married sometime after that. She did very well for herself professionally. Not too sure she is happy with her personal life. We don’t communicate much, just an email/message every year or two. Sure it hurt when she left many years ago. Now, I wish her nothing but good things and happiness. Hope she has found it or finds it.

Written by Alex Cogen

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