19 People Got Fired On Day One of the Job

Image via Tenor
Image via Tenor

Working can really suck the big one. You can get stuck in a dead end job where you’re treated like complete sh*t and totally hate you’re life. Our jobs have a huge impact on how our lives go. You don’t want to do something that makes you miserable, because then that misery will spread into other aspects of your life, like your relationships and overall happiness.

So what about getting fired? Yeah, getting fired blows, but sometimes they’re doing you a favor. Perhaps working at that place for any longer would be much worse than getting fired. Yeah, it’s a blow to ye ole ego, but whatever, happiness matters most.

But these 19 people didn’t just get fired, they got fired on day one of their job. Your first thought may be “damn, these people must SUCK” but when you hear their side of the story, you’ll see most of them just took jobs for shitty people. Except a couple of these mofos definitely deserved to get fired.

These 19 people got fired on their first day at the job:


A friend of mine worked as a server at a cafe and was bringing chips and dip to a table. When he set the chips and dip on the table he took one of the chips and dipped it and ate it front of the customer and his manager. He was fired on the spot.


Pizza place – I asked what my pay would be and whether the training was paid. This was highly offensive to the comically Italian man who owned the pizza place and he said that there was no need for me to come back. The pizza was awesome, though, so I still got pizza there.


Hired by a chain store. First day of work, still in the back office filling out paperwork, dealing with HR, manager says to me, “I sent in the automated personality test, and corporate says I can’t hire you, I’m sorry.” They did pay me for 1/2 a day though.


Got fired on my first day at my first job (during high school) mixing custom colors at a paint store. I followed the formula exactly, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, but the resulting color didn’t match the sample. The paint store owner fired me on the spot in front of customers, even though it turned out to be his fault for not having updated formula specs he had received from the manufacturer.

Written by Alex Cogen

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