These 19 People Are Living With Sexsomnia


Sometimes I will wake up and my blanket will have “spunk” all on the inside of it. Other times it is on my leg with no pants on. And other times I will wake up mid wank and stop.


I didn't know I was doing it until my wife told me and accused me of it. I of course, had no recollection whatsoever, and denied it. It kept occuring every few nights and then every night. Caused a lot of problems because, well, its really hard to get people to believe you when you say this. I actually resolved it (mostly, it still happens sometimes) by a trick my therapist taught me. When Im going to sleep, think about masturbating – then “focus” on that part of my brain and try to “talk” to it. Turns out it started talking back and I ended up having these conversations with myself where I would tell myself that we are not going to do this tonight.


It doesn't happen that often, maybe four of five times a month. I tend to be a little aggressive, but easily shut down. My current SO loves it unless she's really tired. I also find that if I've been drinking, even just a few beers, the occurrence rate goes up. Ditto if I sleep naked (generally I do). I have not ever had it happen when I was wearing clothes in bed. I will usually wake up halfway through, and depending on how tired I am and my SO's reaction, either get into it and go, or roll over and go back to sleep. It's a weird feeling when she tells me the next morning.

Written by Alex Cogen

Alex is a New Yorker currently living in Austin. She loves cats, grass, and latex but unfortunately is allergic to all 3. She makes mom and dad jokes more than she cares to admit (jk she'll admit it loud and proud). She isn't as funny as she thinks she is. She is the founder of